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Hello Everyone!

I started shooting when I was a child with my uncle. He introduced me into the world of guns and I was hooked. My mom, on the other hand, wasn’t and I didn’t become a gun owner until I was 17 years old and she finally agreed. I took up reloading shortly thereafter.

My use of firearms went dormant for several years until I got out of the US Army in 2008. After that, I was working as a contractor and traveled the country. When lots of my work started keeping me more stable here in El Paso, TX, I began shooting competitions with the local USPSA and IDPA clubs.

I became certified as an IDPA Safety Officer in 2014 and started hosting matches with the club. I took over the club in 2018.

I enjoy all things shooting and reloading. I’m not much of a hunter though and that’s unlikely to change in the near future. We can’t all be Mitt Romney, unfortunately.

If you are wondering why I chose to call this site the Gringo Gun Blog, its mostly a joke. El Paso is heavily Hispanic and Chicano, but my wife is from Peru. I started using the term because she uses it a lot herself. It’s nothing derogatory, or even racial. It’s a generic term for people from the US, Canada and Europe when they visit South America.

If you are interested in contacting me, please send me an email at GringoGunBlog@gmail.com.